What have we learned from running a hosting company for 15 years?

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    Always backup

    When we started HostVision back in 2004, we had no clue what a hosting business should look like or how to handle it. We were developing websites for our customers and as they needed also hosting, we said why not. We got a reseller account from a guy based in US and started. As we started to grow, we decided to get our own dedicated server, and we announced the guy that at the end of the paid in advance period we will close the reseller account. The next moment after we sent the email, our account was deleted, even though it was paid for at least two more weeks. So, we lost all the accounts we had on that reseller. Our luck was that we had a backup copy of the accounts on our local devices so we could restore them on the new server with a reasonable time (for that period).

    So, we learned earlier on our hosting business endeavour that having multiple back-ups in different locations is the best approach.

    Use automation, but keep a human touch

    Because we loved to code and build our own tools, we always had the urge to create tools to automate our business. You can get substantial advantage if you give your team and your customers the right tools to run their jobs. For example, we built a tool that allows our customers to unblock their IPs from multiple independent systems of firewalls directly from their client account. But we always considered that if a customer needs to talk to a human, he should be able to do it in a straight and easy way.

    Happy employees mean happy customers

    Your customer will interact with your tools, but at some point, will want to talk to real person from your company. If your people are happy and motivated the customer will have a great experience when interacting with your company so will be open to offer you reviews, recommendations and more repeat business.

    Ask your customers what they want

    It is important to learn what new features or services your customers need and if they are willing to pay for them.  There is a big difference between nice to have features and necessary features. The nice to have features are the ones that the customers are not willing to pay for, but if the features are free, they would like to have them. The necessary features are the ones that the customers are willing to pay extra to have them.

    Now we are offering a free tool that allows you to find what your customers want and if they are willing to pay or not for that features. This tool is provided as a WHMCS module and can be downloaded from our client account.

    We are looking forward for your feedback and review.