Who Are We

We have extensive experience in digital technologies and online business. We understand the development needs of companies in the area of information technology but also the obstacles they face. In 2004 we created and developed one of the main hosting companies in Romania, which we sold to an international group in 2009. We created FireWeb to help companies develop their business online.

Our Mission

We are passionate about online, system development and automation. Every day we develop long-term partnerships with businesses that aim to grow in the digital area. We use our experience in the area of digital marketing and development / programming to create long-term value for our customers.

What We Do

Why Choose Us?

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We started to develop websites in 2004 and in parallel we set up and developed one of the main hosting companies in Romania, HostVision, which we sold in 2019 to an international group listed on the stock exchange.

FireWeb brings together a team of specialists in digital technologies, whether it is programming, web development or online marketing.

Developing a company with over 16,000 customers was critical to permanently automate business and technological processes. Thus we have developed automation solutions both at the level of management and administration systems and at the level of servers and networks.

The best results are obtained through a long-term approach. We believe in long-term partnerships to help our customers grow in the online environment.

Years of Experience

Would you like to start a project with us?

Whether you are starting a website or you want to grow your business online, the FireWeb team is ready to offer you solutions and support.

FireWeb Team

Despre Flaviu Fireweb

Flaviu Ghițulescu

Managing Partner - Technical Lead
Flaviu founded DeepVision in 2004 and began developing websites. Subsequently, the company started to offer hosting under the name of HostVision, in time becoming one of the main hosting companies in Romania. In 2019 HostVision was sold to an international group. Flaviu has a long experience as a PHP programmer, as well as as a system administrator. Flaviu is passionate about developing solutions for automating systems and data flows.
Despre Damian Ghitulescu Fireweb

Damian Ghițulescu

Managing Partner - Business Development
After 7 years of experience in Business Development in multinational companies, Damian joined as a partner of HostVision, the company he sold with Flaviu to an international group in 2019. Damian has experience in online marketing and business development. He is passionate about finding and implementing creative solutions in online marketing, growth hacking and business development.
Despre George Fireweb

George Alb

Web Developer - Programator
George has experience as a web developer and programmer. After graduating from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, he held various positions in IT companies present in Cluj. He is passionate about Front End Development and finding technical solutions for our customers' systems.
Despre Iulia Fireweb

Iulia Giurgiu

Specialist Marketing
After graduating from the University of Leicester (UK), Iulia decided to pursue her passion for online marketing. She loves to combine her creative experience with data analysis to find the best solutions for our clients' marketing activities. Iulia is passionate about visual arts and digital technologies.