Poll Manager Module for WHMCS

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    The Poll Manager module for WHMCS is our first module that we listed on WHMCS marketplace. We have been using this module for over 2 years in our hosting company and we found out how valuable tool it can be if used consistent.

    After our exit from HostVision we decided to use our expertise to bring you the tools you need to grow your business. I believe that knowledge is real power and knowing your customer is a must for any service business, like hosting business. Since Customer Experience is one of my key are of expertise, we have built several modules that helped us enhance it. I always spent time to figure out tools we can bulid in this respect.

    Why I believe the Poll Manager Module is a must for every hosting company?

    What I know is that learning the opinions and the needs of your customers is the most important element to grow your business. You can do this by asking each of your customer directly or by setting up a poll in your customer’s account. Based on the findings from the polls you can come with strategies that would allow you to both increase the bottom line of your business and the fidelity of your customers.

    Grab now the Poll Manager module for free and start learning key insights directly from your customers.