Why your customer experience strategy should start with their feedback?

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    Having a strong and long-term customer experience approach is the key to success for any business. Customers will choose to pay more and will be more loyal if they feel your company really cares about them.  

    But how do you create and manage your customer support strategy?

    Like any strategy, we must start with gathering information on our clients, like who they are, what expectations they have, what are their pain points and what services we can offer to solve their pains.

     Usually, the customers are willing to offer us their feedback, especially if they feel that this will turn into their own benefit, by improving the services they receive from us. If we can earn our customers trust that their feedback will be seriously taken in consideration than we have a winner.

    Based on our long-time experience in the hosting industry, we know that when we chose to listen to our customers input, we had the chance to improve our services the most.

    We made this by several tools and technics that we employed in our former company, HostVision.

    One way to get the customer feedback was to train all the staff that was in contact with the customers to listen to the client’s pain and then report it to the management, so we could come up with individual or general solutions.

    One of our most beloved skill is to build tools for our CRM, WHMCS, that would allow us to interact with our customers, learn their requests and pain points, without our interruption. So, the place where you can interact with the customers trough these tools is the customer account, and if you provide the tools needed for the customer to manage their services from there, they will access it often. We liked to use the customer account as an all-purpose place for the interaction with our customers.

    One of the most important tools that we built in order to gather information from our customers is the FW Poll Manager, that is allowing us to ask questions on specific topics, like what new locations for our services our customers want, like hosting in the UK, US, The Netherlands or what other location they would like. So, if we see that a lot of our customers would like to have a hosting location in UK, we would start to work in order to offer one.

    Another idea of using the polls would be to see if the customers are willing to pay for additional services, like backup, management or others. But based on your specific needs you can create any type of polls that would allow you to get valuable information for your business. You can get the FW Poll Manager module for WHMCS for free from our client area.